13-year-old sets new world record in free style swimming

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) [India], Nov.15 (ANI): A 13-year-old boy of the 8th standard studying in a private school has set a new world record in free style swimming. Mritul covered nine Kilometers in three hours. Mritul told ANI, "I have set a new world record in swimming. I have been swimming from the sixth standard. Every week I use to come for practice and I do participate in competitions too. I am also a district level swimmer and my favorite style is the medley style which involves all the four strokes. Everyone has been supportive to me. All my joints are paining actually but I did not feel the pain while swimming because all my fans were cheering me which I believe was the secret behind my success." "He had a passion for swimming right from the age of two. He had a dream of getting into some record setting. Mritul has successful completed a world record of swimming 9.2 kms distance that is through 386 labs and more than 22,000 strokes all put together. This sport helped in improving his health and fitness. The message which we would like to convey through his effort today is health for all, health education for all," Senthil Kumar father of Mritul told ANI. "Mritul has achieved a target attempting the longest swimming medley over a period of five hours. His target was to achieve twelve km. He has achieved 13.3 km and has successfully attempted this aspiration to have a world record certified by elite world record. I wish him the best in the future too. My appreciations to the parents and also the organizers for conducting this event in a very smooth and comfortable manner." Said Jaganathan, the adjudicator. ANI)