Cong backs Mamata, says 'fascist' PM Modi doesn't believe in democracy

| Updated: Aug 21, 2016 17:28 IST

New Delhi, Aug. 21 (ANI): Backing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's tirade against the BJP-led NDA Government wherein she accused the ruling dispensation at the Centre of bulldozing the country's federal structure, the Congress Party on Sunday dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a true 'fascist' leader. "When Narendra Modi was the chief minister, he never cared for the nation. And now, when he is the Prime Minister, he doesn't care about the states. It is a true identification of a fascist leader," Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI. "It's good that Mamata Banerjee ji has understood this thing. Modi ji doesn't believe in democracy, federal structure and not even in law and order system and the Constitution. He only wants to take forward his government and he is appearing to be a leader influenced by fascism," he added. Alleging that the federal structure is being bulldozed by the unilateral, arbitrary action of the Centre, the TMC supremo yesterday warned if the Centre did not correct its course then her government would be forced to hit the streets. "In the name of cooperative federalism, the opinions of states are being bulldozed and the federal structure is being bulldozed by the unilateral, arbitrary action of the Centre. I have never seen a more arrogant Central Government. This is a dangerous 'red' signal to stop democratic system. If the Centre does not correct its course, we will be forced to hit the streets," she said. Stating that 'bhashan' (speech) on social media can get you votes, she asked: "But what about nation-building?" Highlighting inflation, Mamata pointed out that development projects for weaker sections are stagnant. "There is a controversy over GDP numbers. If states pay most of the funds, why should be the scheme be named after leaders of the ruling party at the Centre?" she asked. Maintaining that the Centre will be strengthened if the states are empowered, Mamata called upon all parties to join hands to fight against the Centre's attempts to thwart the federal structure. (ANI)