Congress warns Sushma over 'two opinions on China issue'

| Updated: Aug 04, 2017 04:10 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 03 (ANI): Hitting back at External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's statements in Rajya Sabha, the Congress on Thursday said that when it comes to China issue, India shall speak in one voice, there will be no two opinions on that. Speaking to the reporters here, Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said, "Let me remind Sushma Swaraj that out of courtesy we did not interrupt. What I had said catering to the Congress Party is concerned; we are very clear that we stand with the government as one. When it comes to China issue; India shall speak in one voice- there will be no two opinions on that. Sushma Swaraj should not have tried to break that opposition consensus and unity. When India is united why is the government keen on creating a division and breaking the consensus". Further lashing out at the BJP, Sharma stated that the saffron party is the most irresponsible. "I'm very clear, that when it comes to Doklam or India security; we speak as one country. Congress was responsible in all endeavors they took up. But the BJP and the opposition is the most irresponsible when they kept on differing and attacking the government," he said. Resonating similar views, another Congress leader Pratap Singh Bajwa asked, "I would like to ask Sushma that does she still have diplomatic relations with China or is it broken? If it's broken then no harm but if not then what wrong did Rahul Gandhi do? If both want to give their opinion then what is wrong in that? Was there something illegal about it?" Earlier, Swaraj said in the Rajya Sabha that India has taken efforts to ease the standoff with China. She further stated that war cannot resolve problems and that the wisdom is to resolve issues diplomatically on the issue of border stand-off with China. She said that the government is not just negotiating on Doklam, but is also talking on the bilateral relations with China. "The solution will only come from that. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said let us not convert our difference into dispute," she said. The statement came after the Opposition on Thursday cornered the government in the Parliament on the standoff with China over the Doklam issue. (ANI)