Narendra Modi (File Photo)
Narendra Modi (File Photo)

BJP's 'Abhyas Varga' concludes, PM Modi urges lawmakers to devote time to families, stay positive

Pragya Kaushika  | Updated: Aug 04, 2019 23:19 IST

By Pragya Kaushika
New Delhi [India], Aug 4 (ANI): The two-day "Abhyas Varga" training programme for BJP parliamentarians concluded on Sunday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking the lawmakers to stay positive and devote time to their families.
Speaking to ANI, a lawmaker, who attended the programme, said that this was the first time that the Prime Minister had asked its ministers to keep a tab on education, growth and marriage of their children, while also fulfilling their duties towards the nation and the people.
The advice, given by the Prime Minister, however, came with a rider.
"When I say take care of your family needs, I do not mean that you ensure that your children get cricket match tickets," said Modi, according to a senior lawmaker.
The Prime Minister also told the MPs to focus their energies on positive work and positive thinking. He gave the example of two people walking down a dark stretch to substantiate his point.
"When two people take a dark stretch, they talk loudly till they reach a lighted one. Why? It is because they keep their fearful thoughts at bay by talking loudly and concentrating on a positive thought," the PM told the gathering.
Asking the lawmakers to complain less and work more, PM gave another example. "He said when he comes to an election rally, the MPs think he will win and start making demands for various projects. So, what will paper publish? The news would then be that MP demanded works to be finished, but PM did not oblige. What the MP can do is to look at things that he can do. Like benches on the railway stations, toilets for outsiders," informed a senior lawmaker.
Taking a dig at the erstwhile Congress government, Modi, according to a member of parliament said: "Congress used to make promises to construct roads and win election. In the second election, the road would get plastered and third time they would get some material dumped to show progress and this is how they won. We, on the other hand, are making highways."
For those who were dropped from the Cabinet, Modi had a special message.
"People will come to you and tease you for getting dropped. Do not let the negativity seep in. Stay focussed and positive. Be like me. I am what I am with you and thus can look in your eyes and talk. Be like that with your electorates," is what PM told the lawmakers, as per a senior leader of the party.
Modi also urged the lawmakers to focus on winning 2024 elections. "Be positive and don't let any negative thoughts hit you. Keep striving hard to win all that you have lost. Along with focusing on your own health, you should also devote some time to take care of your family," Modi said.
Yesterday, on the first day of the exercise, he had given lessons to the newly-elected BJP MPs on how to become a successful public representative.
According to those who attended the training being held in the Parliament premises, Modi asked the MPs to remain connected with their well-wishers who had worked for their success in their respective constituencies.
While Modi spoke on how to become an 'efficient MP', Nadda spoke on organisational expansion and party's mantra of 'paanch nishthayen' (that include "rashtriyata" (nationalism), democracy, "gandhiwadi samajwad" (Gandhian socialism), "sarvadharm sambhav" (religious harmony) and politics guided by morals.
Chosen by the party, the lawmakers -- Bhagwanth Kuba, CR Patil and Sudhir Gupta shared the formula of being a "successful MP".
The trio, under the leadership of Union Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot, shared their experience of implementation of central government schemes in their respective constituencies.
The agenda of the two-day 'Abhyas Varga' training programme is a focused group discussion on 'Situation in West Bengal' and a session that imparts NaMo App training to parliamentarians among other things. (ANI)