Bringing in lateral thinking

ANI | Updated: Nov 29, 2017 19:01 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 29 (ANI): After getting the status of a university, the Quantum School of Technology, which will now be called the Quantum University, is all set to focus on fostering lateral thinking.

The University, which offers courses in Humanities, Engineering, Management, Journalism, Science, Arts, Hotel Management and more, wants to change the way education is delivered in India.

Thanking the state government for this recognition, the Chairman of the University said, "It will be a world-class University with a new vision for a functional, innovative and futuristic education."

"We want to introduce the concept of Interdisciplinary Education in India, something that has been taken up by only a few universities in the country. Through this approach, will raise lateral thinking to the same pedestal as technical skills," he added.

As part of the curriculum, students will get an opportunity to major in one field (subject) and also do a course in minor, something that interests him/her. They will be encouraged to do a range of courses, enhancing their lateral thinking.

While they get their degrees in the majors they do and prepare themselves for the corporate world, a course in another subject will enhance their knowledge and stand them out. For instance, a Computer Science Engineering student can choose to pursue his minor in Entrepreneurship.

"Quantum University has also launched 'Passion Programs' (PROPs) through which students will be encouraged to follow their passion through guidance provided at the University in areas like music, theatre, photography, design, sports or any other field. These act as huge stress relievers and something that the student can carry throughout their life," the spokesperson said. (ANI)