Danish students renovate Tibetan monument in India

ANI | Updated: Apr 08, 2018 19:14 IST

Dharamsala, (Himachal Pradesh) [India] Apr 8 (ANI): In a show of solidarity, a team of 22 Danish volunteers in collaboration with a Tibetan Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)-in-exile are renovating a prominent Tibetan monument known as 'Tibetan Martyrs Pillar' near the main Buddhist temple in Himachal Pradesh's Dharamsala .

Director of Tibet Hope Center, Damdul, said, "We are collaborating with a group students from a Danish college who are here for three weeks. The theme of their work is to gain a cultural understanding. Under this theme, they are able to understand more about the Tibetan culture and their way of life. There are a few students; some of them are here renovating this martyrs pillar whereas some are visiting schools for educational activities."

A group of 22 young Danish volunteers from a Danish college along with Tibet Hope Center, a Tibetan NGO in-exile are undertaking such an initiative in order to further an inter-cultural understanding.

A Danish volunteer Lassa, says, "I am working voluntarily to help the Tibetan community. This project means a lot to the Tibetans. Our contacts in Tibetan Hope Center have bestowed us the honour through this project. It will be a memorable event for us."

"We are doing this since we want to help Tibetans. We want to show our support to the Tibetan people as we are very sympathetic for what they have been through," said another volunteer from Denmark, Thia.

Tibetans living in India often raise the issue of gross violations of human rights, the resurgence of immolation protests and most importantly the 1949 China's illegal occupation in Tibet.(ANI)