Maibam Deben Singh, innovator speaking to ANI in Imphal, Manipur on Sunday. Photo/ANI
Maibam Deben Singh, innovator speaking to ANI in Imphal, Manipur on Sunday. Photo/ANI

Manipur man designs device to cook fish using charcoal, paddy husk

ANI | Updated: Jun 03, 2019 18:22 IST

Imphal (Manipur) [India], June 2 (ANI): A local here -- Maibam Deben Singh -- has developed a device that uses charcoal and paddy husk to dry fish uniformly and then cook it. This new method of cooking fish takes a lesser amount of time than the traditional sun-drying method.
Speaking to ANI, Maibam said: "The device dries fish in lesser time as compared to the traditional sun-drying method. I have sold the design of the device to the National Innovative Foundation."
"I dream of setting up a small production unit-cum-training centre so that I can give employment to more jobless youths. So far, I am running my business without any loan or grant from the government," he said.
Recalling how he developed the device, he said that one of his sisters was suffering from cancer. Traditionally ailing persons are given smoked fish as a source of proteins.
He thought that smoked fish may further aggravate the deteriorating health of his sister. It was then, he thought of an efficient dryer and a low emission biomass stove.
Without bringing it in the knowledge of his family members he kept on developing the prototype at a secluded place. There were technical glitches like designing the inner chamber.
However, with hard work and perseverance, he finally completed his work and came up with this device. The dryer uses charcoal and paddy husk as fuel.
The 67-year-old innovator has studied till Class VIII and was a jeep driver. He worked at a workshop as a mechanic before he started his innovative venture of making fish dryer machine.
As he had to travel to hilly places to earn his livelihood, he decided to pursue blacksmithing. He also casually worked for the construction of electric poles when he worked for the state's Electricity Department.
Presently, Singh is making various products under a registered firm "Kangleipak Fish Dryer." At least, ten different brands such as Fish dryer (Rs 650), Emoinu Leirang (Rs 1,200), Room heater (Rs 650), Square punching machine (Rs 2,800), and Pork dryer (Rs 1,200).
His other products include Fish scale remover machine (Rs 350), Multi dryer (Rs 8,000), Multi-diamond stove (Rs 2,700), Multi Chulah (Rs 450 and Cooking-cum-drying biomass stove (Rs 13,000). Now, he earns about Rs 30,000 a month. (ANI)