Mizo Hnahthlak Festival
Mizo Hnahthlak Festival

Mizo Hnahthlak festival unfolds the colourful traditional ethos of Mizoram

ANI | Updated: Jul 21, 2018 19:56 IST

Mizoram">Mizoram [India], Jul 21 (ANI): In yet another celebration to revive unity and brotherhood- socially and culturally- the first international festival of Mizoram">Mizoram was organised in Aizawl, which brought the Mizo ethnic community from across borders.
Mizoram">Mizoram, one of the hill states of India and located at the easternmost part of the Northeast region, came alive as people in the region thronged Dengthuama Hall in Aizawl city and celebrated the first international cultural festival of the Mizo ethnic group with pomp and gaiety.
Bordering with Myanmar and Bangladesh, Mizoram">Mizoram rolled out the red carpet for Mizo Hnahthlak International festival which saw huge participation from the Mizo tribal community living in different places and region.
"The festival provides the kind of bonding that one doesn't feel it every day. During this festival, everybody feels like brothers and sisters and I think it's important for all the Mizos to organize such festival time again in the future," said one of the locals.
The cultural fest featured the ethnic tribes and sub-tribes of Mizo community, which showcased the rich cultural folk dances.
Clad in their colourful traditional attires, dance troops displayed the famous mass bamboo dance. The flawless and graceful movement of the women dancers, the beating of indigenous drums and the men folks' cautious movement of bamboo sticks culminates the in-depth beauty of the Mizo folk dance.
The agricultural dances showcased by the Chakma and Hmar communities portrayed the folktales of the indigenous people and their lifestyles during the old days.
Various cultural troops from neighbouring states of Assam, Manipur, and Tripura as well as Myanmar and Bangladesh also performed their distinct sub-tribal cultural dances.
"We came from Myanmar. This festival is very great and we really enjoyed it. Organizing such festival will help us to reunite the Mizo who are staying in different places," said a participant from Myanmar, Rev JH Lalhluaia.
Apart from the cultural programme, local artisans also put up stalls and displayed the colourful handmade traditional costumes.
The colourful traditions and culture of this tribal community is highly regarded and recognized by the art lovers from across the globe.
"We are Hlunbuang Handloom and Handicraft and we handcraft Mizo dress and as well as modern traditional dress. This time, many people had also ordered the traditional attires to have worn it on this festival," said one of the local artisans showcasing their work in the festival.
The festival is aimed at uniting the Mizo ethnic community socially and culturally under a single platform though physically the community is scattered in various places. (ANI)