Uzma Ahmed talking to ANI in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo/ANI
Uzma Ahmed talking to ANI in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo/ANI

Rescued from Pakistan, Uzma comes forward to help women facing similar situation

Sfoorti Mishra | Updated: Apr 11, 2019 23:23 IST

By Sfoorti Mishra
New Delhi [India], Apr 11 (ANI): Uzma Ahmed made headlines way back in 2017 when she was rescued by the Indian High Commission from Pakistan.
Uzma had fallen in love with a Pakistan national in 2017 in Malaysia. But all her dreams were shattered when she was kept as a hostage by him in remotely situated Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for a month.
After two years of struggle of fighting bitter memories, she has decided to come forward to help women who face a similar situation, and her painful experience in Pakistan inspired her to take this initiative.
Speaking to ANI, Uzma said: “I am planning to start a helpline number and NGO with the name ‘Daughter of India.’ It will help women, who have been kept hostages in Pakistan."
"I want to give a message to those women who have bitter experiences. They must flush out old memories and start a new chapter of their lives.”
"People were not ready to accept me when I returned from Pakistan," she added.
“It took me two years to overcome the trauma and flush out bitter memories. When I came back to India, the people in my locality were not ready to accept me,” she recalled.
Thanking External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, she said: "She is like my mother. She gave me a second life. She could not visit my beauty parlour but sent her best wishes."
Soon a biopic will also be made on Uzma’s life and her stay in Pakistan.
“I want to thank Rakesh ji for producing a film on my life. The work is in progress,” she informed. (ANI)