A migrant labourer speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Tuesday.         Photo/ANI
A migrant labourer speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Tuesday. Photo/ANI

26 labourers walking down to MP from Punjab given shelter at Delhi's Yamuna Sports Complex

ANI | Updated: May 12, 2020 23:38 IST

New Delhi [India], May 12 (ANI): As the nationwide coronavirus-induced lockdown has forced many people to move to their native places on foot, a total of 26 people were brought to the Yamuna Sports Complex here from Kadkadi Mod by the Delhi government on Tuesday.
These people had started their journey from Punjab's Khanna seven days ago and reached Delhi on Tuesday.
According to the Delhi Civil Defense official, 10 males and 16 females with three children were moving towards their native state of Madhya Pradesh.
A woman, carrying her 8-month-old baby, said that she started her journey seven days ago and was going to Madhya Pradesh.
"I was working in Punjab before lockdown. I am going to Madhya Pradesh and reached Delhi today. Now, we have been brought here," Priyanka, a labourer, told ANI.

"There was no food. So, we decided to go to our home. As there is no means of transport, we are walking. I have no money. I am carrying an 8-month-old baby. It is very difficult for me to move," she said.
Speaking to ANI, Delhi Civil Defense official Saurabh Ruhpla said: "We have brought 26 people from Kadkadi Mod, who were moving towards Madhya Pradesh's Datia district. There are 10 males and 16 females with 3 children."
Meanwhile, some of the migrant labourers living in Delhi decided to walk down to their home State Bihar.
The distance between the national capital and Bihar's Katihar is over 1,300 km but all these things don't matter for Mohammad Feroz, who decided to move to their destination on foot.
"I am a resident of Bihar's Katihar district. I will go home by walking as I am not able to buy tickets for the train. My crops are destroying in rain. We are in a huge loss," Mohammad Feroz told ANI.
Speaking to ANI, another migrant labourer Vikas, who was moving to Uttar Pradesh, said: "It has been over two months. We are not able to go home. We decided to walk to Jaunpur. I will come back to earn money after all this is over."
Sohan Lal, Executive Magistrate, Vivek Vihar, said: "We have sent some people to Bihar. 103 people were sent on May 11 and today 62 people were sent to their destination. We provide food and other amenities here. We also give them water-bottle and dry food for their journey." (ANI)