A visual from the passing our parade at MCEME on Saturday. Photo/ANI
A visual from the passing our parade at MCEME on Saturday. Photo/ANI

30 Gentlemen Cadets commissioned as Lieutenant officers in MCEME passing out ceremony

ANI | Updated: Dec 12, 2020 16:12 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 12 (ANI): 30 Gentlemen Cadets (GCs) of Technical Entry Scheme (TES-36) course passed out from the portals of Cadets Training Wing (CTW), Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) under the aegis of Army Training Command on Saturday.
The Gentlemen Cadets, who passed out at a solemn parade ceremony organised at Carriappa Drill Square of CTW, have been pipped as commissioned officers in the rank of 'Lieutenant' by senior military officers.
The parade was presided over by Lt Gen TSA Narayanan, Commandant, MCEME as Reviewing Officer. The General Officer addressed the young and vibrant cadets and welcomed them into a life of valour and duty.
Lieutenant General TSA Narayanan, Commandant MCEME speaking to ANI said that this is the second time we are conducting the passing out ceremony here at MCEME Academy.
"Generally, boys after four years of training would go to Officers Training Academy (OTA) Gaya for the passing out ceremony. But due to the ongoing pandemic situation, we suggested that bit is not good for the cadets to travel during this pandemic situation and hence have conducted the passing out ceremony here in the MCEME Academy," Lt Gen Narayanan said.
He further said that the training of the cadets takes place in OTA Gaya for one whole year, where they will be trained in military training and after which they come to MCEME Hyderabad for their engineering for the next three years.

During his speech, he stressed on the cadets of the Passing Out Course, the importance of professionalism, commitment and sacrifice which they will be required to make during their journey as an officer. As the cadets embark on a new chapter in their lives, Lt Gen Narayanan apprised them of the challenges to national security and the call of duty that awaits them in their new role as officers of the mighty and technologically advanced Indian Army.
During their time here in MCEME, the cadets are trained in Mechanical and Electronic engineering along with the regular fitness training.
Rishab Shankar, Platoon Cadet Captain from MCEME, said that the experience he has received here is a very fulfilling experience. "I was taught things that I'm going to carry throughout my life. Looking at my father day in and day out wearing a uniform and offering service to the nation is what inspired me to join the Indian Armed Forces," he said.
"Service to the motherland is the greatest service on can ever offer," Rishab added.
Platoon Cadet Captain Rishab Shankar was awarded the prestigious Sword of Honour for standing first in the Overall Order of Merit. He is also the gold medalist of CTW - MCEME and a bronze medalist of TES-36 course.
In consonance with the existing instructions on COVID-19 protocol, the parents and dear ones of the GCs were unable to attend the Passing out Parade as is the tradition.
However, these events were covered through electronic and digital media in real-time to enable the families and nation to witness the professionalism and commitment of the Indian Army despite prevailing pandemic and permitted parents, kith and kin of the Cadets to experience the pride and the emotional high in witnessing their sons don the ranks of the Indian Army. (ANI)