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39.57 lakh online classes conducted in Chhattisgarh during COVID-19 crisis

ANI | Updated: Oct 10, 2020 04:22 IST

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], October 10 (ANI): With the schools being shut down for more than 8 months, amid the nation-wide COVID-19 crisis, Chhattisgarh's innovative academic program "Padhai Tuhar Duar" is receiving appreciation from all across the country for successfully conducting 39.57 lakh online classes.
"The educational web portal was started in the early stage of lockdown itself, to continue hassle-free and non-stop schooling among children of the state. Online classes are being initiated by the medium of Information technology in areas of the state with stable internet infrastructure, whereas offline classes are being conducted in the remote and forested areas of the state, which lack internet connectivity. Even the NITI aayog has appreciated the efforts of the state for continuing education via both the mediums," the official release said.

"Intending to address the challenge put forward by the closing of schools due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Department of School Education started the online educational web portal 'Padhai Tuhar Duar'. Until now, a total of 39.57 lakh online classes have been successfully conducted by 1.43 lakh teachers, imparting education to 3.77 lakh children joining via smartphones," it added.
The exemplary program was launched by the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on April 7 to provide non-stop education amid battling the COVID-19 crisis too.

Under this program, school children are being taught online via the website of The (CG Within this website, video lessons are prepared and uploaded in simple and user-friendly languages, to facilitate the process of learning among school children.
"A total of 2.03 lakh teachers have been registered through this website. 18,184 video lessons and 914 audio lessons have been uploaded by teachers to disseminate information among students. 10,553 photos and other ancillary materials have also been uploaded to facilitate easy learning and understanding of content among children. A total of 2,702 course materials have been compiled by the teachers and are made available on the website," according to the release.
Under the 'Padhai Tuhar Duar' program, offline classes are being conducted in the remote and forested regions of the state, which lack internet connectivity.
"In these offline classes, 23,643 teachers are helping 7,48,266 students, via 35,982 centres. These offline classes are being conducted in the Paros and Mohallas of the village in collaboration with the villagers of the respective village. Additionally, Education is innovatively imparted to school children through loudspeaker schools. 2,343 teachers are continuously helping to teach 68,916 students by running loudspeaker schools," the release said.
With the medium of 'Bulatu Ke Bol', 1,608 teachers of remote areas are providing audio lessons via BlueTooth connectivity in simple keypad phones to 27,433 parents who do not have access to smartphones.
"Till now, 60,327 audio lessons have been transferred via Bluetooth through 4,677 weekly haat-markets. This has immensely helped the parents in supporting their children's education. A total of 1.12 lakh teachers working voluntarily with immense dedication under adverse conditions like these have been awarded certificates by the Department of School Education," it said. (ANI)