Boy paints with his mouth (ANI)
Boy paints with his mouth (ANI)

9-year-old Telangana boy who lost his limbs in accident now churns out artworks using mouth

ANI | Updated: Dec 30, 2020 19:14 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 30 (ANI): The story of a nine-year-old from Medak district, Telangana is indeed awe-inspiring. After having lost both his hands and legs in an accident, the boy Madhu Kumar now churns out beautiful artworks wielding the paintbrush with the help of his mouth.
His determination and hard work have helped him to face the toughest times and within six months of the accident, he started churning out artworks and has become a source of inspiration for others.
Madhu Kumar while speaking to ANI said, "I am in standard 6th and am happy that I have learned to sketch since the accident last year. I had lost hope and many people helped me. Now, in turn I have become a source of inspiration for many people."
The boy met with an accident on September 15 last year while he was playing on the terrace of his house which is situated in Kamkole village of Munpalle Mandal. A live iron rod came in contact with the power line and hit him due to which he lost his limbs.
Tuljaram, father of Madhu, said "I run a puncture shop. My wife Pramila and I were in shock when doctors at Gandhi Hospital amputated all four limbs to save him. Life took a drastic twist for us as we were clueless about the future, we have three other children also to take care of."

An artist Dr Samudrala Harsha turned up to offer the boy new hope by training him to make sketches using his mouth.
Harsha said, "I trained him to use his mouth to paint. I believe that he lost his limbs but not his passion for art. Today, Madhu Kumar is a model and source of inspiration for other people of this generation."
Madhu has learned this way of making art in only six months which is another feather in his cap.
Madhu has drawn the attention of many big celebrities like Chiranjeevi.
He has also performed along with Harsha at a live event. It is indeed an inspiring story of a teacher who showed the correct path to a talented child who overcame his problems through his dedication. (ANI)