Aditya Narayan row: Celebrities should not misuse their stardom, says eyewitness

ANI | Updated: Oct 02, 2017 20:18 IST

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) Delhi [India] October 2 (ANI): An eyewitness, who was present during the tiff between television anchor Aditya Narayan and Indigo Airlines staff at the Raipur Airport on Monday opined that celebrities should not misuse their stardom.

Speaking to ANI, eyewitness Saurav Nirwani said, "People coming from profound background should not misuse their right. It was an ugly fight over a small issue, because Aditya refused to pay for the carriage of excess baggage as his luggage exceeded the limit. We all abide to the rules and also pay fine but this kind of behaviour is totally not accepted".

A video had surfaced on the internet where Aditya is seen abusing and threatening the Indigo staff in public.

Earlier in the day, the Indigo Airlines took out a statement that read, "Flight number- 6E-258 (Raipur-Mumbai), in which Aditya Narayan was travelling with a group of 5 people. He was carrying excess baggage of 40 kgs. The amount to be paid for the carriage of excess baggage came to Rs. 13,000. He initially refused to pay the amount to the female check in staff stating that he will not pay more than Rs, 10,000. The star was also seen abusing and threatening the female staff member."

"While making a video, Aditya pointed a finger at the Duty Manager and again used swear words. When the staff politely asked to be civil and not use such language, he started shouting even louder and used abusive words which we are refraining from mentioning here. He was also informed that if he continues to misbehave he will not be allowed to travel."

"Minutes after that, Aditya apologised to the staff and thereafter was given the boarding pass," the statement further said.

The 30-year-old had gone to Raipur for performing at Dussehra Festival. While returning back, the singer and an official had a heated argument at the airport.

People tried to calm Aditya down but his anger did not diminish and he threatened the Indigo employee.

During the argument, Aditya can be seeing saying, "If they (airlines) off-load me, I am gonna see you in Mumbai."

It is reported that the acclaimed singer could get the permission to board his flight only after seeking forgiveness from the employee. (ANI)