Advocate from Kanpur becomes first in country to register 'living will'

ANI | Updated: Mar 22, 2018 23:08 IST

Kanpur, (Uttar Pradesh) [India] Mar 22 (ANI): A 35-year old advocate from Kanpur becomes the country's first citizen to register a 'living will', following the Supreme Court ruling in favour of passive euthanasia on terminally-ill patients earlier this month.

A 'living will' is something when a patient puts forth their wishes in regard to the manner they want to be treated, if they get seriously ill.

In the 'living will', the advocate, named Sharad Kumar Tripathi, on March 17, gave the authority to junior advocate Amitesh Singh, who from now on would be in charge of taking a decision on whether he should be kept on any form of life support systems or not.

The top court on March 9 issued a verdict where it allowed passive euthanasia, or withholding treatment essential to life for a terminally-ill patient, subject to certain guidelines.

Most importantly, in one of the guidelines, a name of a close relative should be mentioned in the event if the aforementioned executor of the decision is unable to take a call in regard to the withdrawal of treatment. (ANI)