A group of women performing Garba at Bal Bhawan Aerobic Centre, Rajkot (Photo/ANI)
A group of women performing Garba at Bal Bhawan Aerobic Centre, Rajkot (Photo/ANI)

Aerobic centres in Rajkot now groove to Garba beats

ANI | Updated: Feb 10, 2021 09:55 IST

Rajkot (Gujarat) [India], February 10 (ANI): Garba, which is traditionally performed during the Navratri festivities, has now made it to the list of exercises of several aerobic centres in Rajkot as they try to promote fitness along with their culture.
"Since Garba is part of Gujarati culture, we decided to include it in our aerobic class," said a trainer at Bal Bhawan Aerobic Centre, Rajkot.
A group of women, who believe they had gained a few kilos during the lockdown, was seen grooving to Garba beats here with an aim of staying fit while having fun.

"Generally we do various types of exercises here but being Indian we believe we must promote our culture first, so we perform Garba as a part of exercise here. Personally, I feel so energetic and enthusiastic after performing Garba as part of my fitness regime. It improves our digestive system and there are many more benefits of exercise," said a fitness enthusiast, Dr. Bhagyashree Seth.
Krupali Upadhyay told ANI, due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year Navratri festivities will not be celebrated like earlier, hence she has decided to learn Garba to stay in shape and banish stress.
"We won't be able to celebrate Navratri due to the pandemic this year so we have started learning Garba here in the aerobics class to stay fit and promote our culture. The entire body moves while performing Garba and it has a lot more benefits," said Upadhyay.
The trainers said that Garba is a cardiovascular exercise and it is also physically, emotionally and mentally satisfying. (ANI)