Sitapur dogs
Sitapur dogs

After 12 deaths, cops to use drones to catch feral dogs in Sitapur

ANI | Updated: May 08, 2018 12:17 IST

Sitapur (Uttar Pradesh) [India] May 08 (ANI): As stray dogs continue to create a menace in Uttar Pradesh's Sitapur district, the police on Tuesday announced that drones and night vision binoculars will be used to track the feral dogs in the town and adjacent areas.
The administration has taken this initiative to look at the activities of dogs and to transcend them after the animals killed six children and injured several others during the last week.
Inspector General, Sujit Kumar Pandey of Lucknow Zone in Sitapur, today held a meeting with officials of the district to deal with these dogs at Khairabad police station. He said that the administration has started monitoring the drone cameras.
"A combined team has been set up including the district magistrate, forest officials and police. A drone camera was sent from Lucknow yesterday and we will send a few more if required to map many areas together," Pandey told media.
"Secondly, we are trying to include as many villagers as possible. Lastly, to track the areas where movements were noticed, we will use night-vision binoculars to spot the dogs," he added.
So far, twelve kids have been killed and several others have been found injured after being attacked by the dogs.
It all started on May 1, when three children were killed in Khairadabad and the villagers have been living in a sense of terror since then.(ANI)