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Dhar-Karam dam, Madhya Pradesh (Photo Credit: ANI)
Dhar-Karam dam, Madhya Pradesh (Photo Credit: ANI)

After breach in Dhar-Karam dam, MP CM Chouhan says conditions will improve soon

ANI | Updated: Aug 14, 2022 22:45 IST

Dhar (Madhya Pradesh) [India] August 14 (ANI): Evacuation efforts are going on after the wall of the Karam dam in Madhya Pradesh's Dhar was breached and water began flowing on Sunday.
Water from the Dhar-Karam dam was released in a planned manner but due to the rapid flow, erosion of soil started to take place.
The administration said conditions will be back to normal soon.
Speaking on the water breach and the rapid evacuation operations taken out by the teams of disaster management, state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan stressed that water discharge is now very little and it will end slowly.
Pointing to the successful operation by the teams of SDRF, CM Chouhan said, "Efforts to hold the water at the Karam dam is the best example of disaster management."
"The people of the affected village can return to their village and can celebrate Independence Day tomorrow at their homes," he added.
Reportedly the catastrophe that was predicted due to the rupture of the dam was cleared out by the teams of Army, SDRF, and NDRF after they were put on alert.
No casualties have been reported. (ANI)