Sakshi Misra, the daughter of BJP lawmaker Rajesh Misra, with her husband.
Sakshi Misra, the daughter of BJP lawmaker Rajesh Misra, with her husband.

After marrying outside caste, BJP MLA's daughter alleges threat to life by father

ANI | Updated: Jul 11, 2019 14:27 IST

New Delhi [India], July 11 (ANI): The daughter of an Uttar Pradesh BJP legislator has claimed a threat to her life from her father after marrying a man outside her caste.
In a video posted on social media on Wednesday, Sakshi Misra, 23, who is the daughter of MLA Rajesh Misra, has requested the Uttar Pradesh Police to provide security as she and her husband face a threat from her father and brother, who, she alleged, are trying to get her killed.
Addressing her father in a separate video, Sakshi said that she is happy with her decision, and appealed him to stop sending goons after her and let her live in peace.
"We are tired of hiding around. Our lives are in danger. Please stop troubling Abhi (Sakshi's husband) and his relatives. They are not at fault here. The decision is ours. I want to live free and happy," said Sakshi
In his statement to media on Thursday, Rajesh Misra has denied all the allegations by her daughter and said that she is independent to make her own decision.
"The reports circulating in media against me are wrong. My daughter has the right to take her own decisions. No threats to her were made by me or from anyone in my family. We are busy with our work. May she be happy wherever she is," said the BJP leader
Misra is the BJP MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly district.
Meanwhile, the police said that they are committed to providing security to the couple.
"We have seen the video posted by the couple on social media. If they write to us asking for security, then we will certainly provide it to them," Bareilly SSP told media. (ANI)