CSIR Director-General, Dr. Shekhar Mande (Photo ANI)
CSIR Director-General, Dr. Shekhar Mande (Photo ANI)

After PM's message, healthcare workers, scientists enthused on roll out of Covid-19 vaccine in India, says CSIR-DG

ANI | Updated: Dec 31, 2020 23:58 IST

New Delhi [India], December 31 (ANI): The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Director-General Dr Shekhar Mande on Thursday expressed that it gives CSIR confidence when the country's highest office says that we are capable of delivering vaccines to the people.
Speaking to ANI, DG Dr. Shekhar Mande said, "I think there is enthusiasm now amongst all the healthcare workers and scientists that we can do it."
Shekhar Mande said, "I felt fantastic when a statement coming from the highest office in the country came and it gives us confidence and to the society that such a large-scale program is indeed possible. If we can conduct the largest election on the planet so smoothly without any major complaint on election process, then why not this program? Just like everybody has a right to go and vote and like earlier we had conducted vaccination programs like polio, smallpox and got rid of them, then this program is surely possible."
This statement was in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement that he made today.

In the statement, the Prime Minister said, "The number of new cases of COVID-19 infection in the country are decreasing now. We are preparing to run the world's largest vaccination program in the next year."
Continuing the conversation further, CSIR DG added, "One thing we all have learnt during this COVID-19 period is that there is an explosion of false 'infodynamic'. This is a new word we have learnt. We all have experienced that how false news spreads quickly."
"I think that it is a very fascinating science and a very fascinating social behaviour. Together this science and social behaviour can come up with solutions for the future on how to suppress false information and how people should be informed correctly", DG added.
"Other thing we all have learnt in pandemic is that we should have trust on the scientists. There is a body of scientists who are looking at the data. So, when the vaccine goes for approval to the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), we must keep in mind that this department has a subject expert committee which also looks very closely at the data", Mande said.
"I assure you that whatever happens in the discussion of this committee is confidential. People like me also have no idea about it. We trust the group of the people. I personally have enormous faith in this group of people who sit in the subject expert committee. Therefore, I believe that we should trust them", he added. (ANI)