CCTV footage from spot / BJP MP Ram Shankar Katheria speaking to media.
CCTV footage from spot / BJP MP Ram Shankar Katheria speaking to media.

Agra: BJP lawmaker's guards thrash toll plaza employees, MP claims attack made in 'self-defence'

ANI | Updated: Jul 06, 2019 12:58 IST

Agra (Uttar Pradesh) [India], July 06 (ANI): Security personnel of BJP MP and Chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Castes Ram Shankar Katheria allegedly thrashed toll plaza employees in Agra and fired in the air after an argument.
The incident took place when Katheria was going to Etawah from Agra at around 03:52 am on Saturday.
As per the CCTV footage, Katheria and his wife were also present at the spot during the altercation.
In the footage, the security personnel of the Etawah MP can be seen thrashing the employees before brandishing a gun and later firing in the air. One of the security personnel of Katheria pushed away an employee while the other fired shots in the air.
According to the complaint filed by toll employees, the convoy of Katheria consisted of five cars and a bus beside his car.
One of the toll employees who were thrashed by the security personnel of Katheria told media, "One of our colleagues appealed to Katheria's convoy to move their cars one by one through the toll plaza to avoid any damage to the vehicles. But the security personnel didn't listen and started thrashing the employee on duty. One of the employees came to me and asked for help. When I came to the spot, they also thrashed me with sticks and threatened to shoot with a gun. If anything happens to me in future, Katheria will be responsible as I am now getting pressure to quit the job."
Katheria's wife, who was present at the spot, was tried to stop Katheria from thrashing us, the employee claimed.
However, the lawmaker has claimed that his security personnel were attacked by the toll plaza employees and they retaliated in "self-defence"
"My security did not attack toll plaza employees, they first attacked my people. Toll employees did not know other cars were part of my convoy; they thought some other car is slipping through behind mine. My security guard only fired in self-defence," Katheria told media. (ANI)