Visual of Casper Home Trust being awarded (Photo/ANI)
Visual of Casper Home Trust being awarded (Photo/ANI)

Agra's Casper Home Trust awarded internationally for contribution towards animal rights, welfare

ANI | Updated: Feb 27, 2021 03:21 IST

Agra (Uttar Pradesh) [India], February 27 (ANI): Animal Welfare Organization, named Casper Home Trust in Agra has been awarded internationally for its contribution towards animal rights and welfare.
The organization has been awarded the prestigious 'The Shining Compassion World Award awarded by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association' for working extraordinarily during the COVID-19 lockdown in India.
Speaking to ANI, Sub-Head of Casper Home Trust Vinita Arora said, "I run a dog shelter in Agra. The municipal corporation has allotted me a piece of land for carrying out my shelter. I am grateful to them. Our team has worked tremendously hard during this lockdown period. I am super proud of my team. It is because of them that we have received this 'Shining Compassion World' award. I am absolutely surprised to receive this award."

"One of my journals on animal rights and welfare was published in National Geographic. It is from there where the Association got to know about our work. We have not only made our Casper Home Trust proud but also Agra proud," Arora said.
"On a daily basis, we used to serve dogs of various localities in Agra with food, water and provide them treatment in case of any ailment. We have also prevented several animal cruelty activities for not only dogs but also for horses, donkeys etc," she said.

Vinita Arora received the award on behalf of Abhimanyu Arora who is the President of Casper Home Trust.
A woman who was presenting the award to Vinita Arora said: "I hope people honour you and recognize you across the globe. I'm so glad that you have youngsters in your team. You are motivating them, inspiring them and they are and your team have done this work." (ANI)