A woman speaking to ANI in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. Photo/ANI
A woman speaking to ANI in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. Photo/ANI

Agriculture bills welcomed by UP farmers, get mixed response in MP

ANI | Updated: Sep 20, 2020 19:24 IST

Jabalpur/Gorakhpur [India], September 20 (ANI): The agriculture Bills passed in the Rajya Sabha today evoked a mixed response from farmers in Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur district and were welcomed by farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
Some farmers in Madhya Pradesh's Jabalpur supported these Bills while others suggested that parts of these Bills should be discussed with farmers before they are implemented in the state.
Sunil Patel, a farmer said that the Bills are beneficial for farmers but misinformation is being spread. He also said that the central government should take steps to make farmers understand what the Bills are and how they would benefit them.
Speaking to ANI, Patel said, "The Bills are beneficial for the farmers but some farmers are not able to understand them properly. The government should conduct a campaign to make them understand the Bills and how they will benefit. The government should make them aware of the Bills."
Speaking about contract farming Patel said, "This law provides for contract farming which is good for the farmers and their crops will not be wasted in any situation. However, the government should pay attention to ensure the Minimum Support Price (MSP) so that farmers' crop does not sell at rates less than MSP."
Another farmer, Govind Patel said while the government has cleared some points in Parliament about the Bills, it should have discussed some points with the farmers of the different states before implementing them.
"Some of the points like MSP, contract farming and selling produce outside mandis are clear but there are some points in these Bills that should have been discussed with the farmers at the state level. If these Bills fail in their purpose, would the government go back to the previous law?" asked Govind.
Meanwhile, farmers in Uttar Pradesh welcomed the agriculture Bills and said that the reforms are beneficial for the farmers.
Syamwati, a woman farmer in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad, said the government has taken a great step in the interest of farmers. She said that it will be good for them as they will be able to sell their produce anywhere in the country.
"This is really a good decision that the government has taken in the interest of farmers. The Bills will be beneficial for us as we will be able to sell our produce outside the mandis," Syamwati told ANI.

Rajiv Asthana, a farmer from Gorakhpur said the Bills are in the interest of India and its farmers. He said it is an agriculture dominated country and with passing of Bills like these, there is happiness among farmers.
"Now the government has removed the middleman and farmers can get better price for their crops. It is an agriculture dominated country and Bills are in the interest of farmers. These are good Bills and will bring happiness," Asthana told ANI.
Raman Asthana, another farmer thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for passing the Bills that will remove middlemen.
"I thank Prime Minister Modi for the Bills. Earlier buyers would get our produce at lower price and sell them at higher prices in the market, but now we are able to sell our produce at the price we want. We will get full price for our produce. I support the Bills," Raman Asthana said.
Farmers in Kanpur also supported the Bills.
Similarly, farmers in Maharashtra's Dhule district hailed the two farm sector reform Bills that were passed in the Rajya Sabha today.
"The Bills introduced by the Modi government have removed the compulsions that farmers have had for so long. Now we can sell our harvest anywhere in the country. I thank the Modi government for this," said a farmer.
Another farmer said that they now think that the central government is supporting farmers.
Earlier in the day, the Rajya Sabha passed the Farmers' Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020, and The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill amid protest from Opposition parties.
As per the Bills, farmers can take their produce anywhere -- inter-state or intra-state -- beyond agricultural produce market committees (APMCs). The state governments can't levy any fee or cess on farmers.
As per the Modi government, these Bills will help small and marginal farms by allowing them to sell produce outside mandis; allow them to sign agreements with agri-business firms; and do away with stock-holding limits on key commodities. (ANI)