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AIIMS RDA demands action against comedian Sunil Pal over his 'derogatory' remarks for doctors

ANI | Updated: Apr 20, 2021 22:00 IST

By Aiman Khan
New Delhi [India], April 20 (ANI): The AIIMS Resident Doctors' Association (RDA) has demanded strict action against comedian Sunil Pal over his "derogatory" remarks for doctors working in COVID-19 management and treatment.
AIIMS RDA president Amandeep said a video went viral in which comedian Sunil Pal used bad words for the doctors and tried to tarnish their image.
"The country and the whole world know that how COVID-19 spread is increasing and doctors are carrying out their responsibilities. I demand that action should be taken against Sunil Pal under the Epidemic Act. We have written a letter to the Home Minister and have demanded strict action against Sunil Pal," Amandeep told ANI.
"These are tough times. Frontline healthcare workers and other countrymen are facing the tremendous wrath of COVID-19 and everyone is trying to do their best to alleviate the suffering caused by this surge," he said.

The AIIMS RDA president said that many doctors and others on the line of duty have sacrificed their lives due to COVID-19 while they were trying to help those in need.
"Many more will have to sacrifice till we win over this. This is a war, and like in war we all are in it together," he said.
Amandeep said Sunil Pail's words are nefarious and his blatant accusations of fraudulent deeds of doctors, comparing doctors to evil creatures of the society is ill-logical.
"His action warrants the strongest punishment so that we understand that our country is with us as we face this COVID-19 war. The government should ensure that such provocative videos propagating false information should be admonished," he said.
"On behalf of the medical fraternity, all healthcare and frontline workers, we demand strongly that the strictest steps be taken against his inappropriate conduct at the earliest to prevent unrest amongst doctors and anxiety amongst the affected patients and their families," he added. (ANI)