Caption: Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya. [Photo/ANI]
Caption: Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya. [Photo/ANI]

Amid high demand for Remdesivir, 3 lakh vials to be produced daily within two weeks: Mansukh Mandaviya

By Amit Kumar | Updated: Apr 18, 2021 12:36 IST

New Delhi [India], April 18 (ANI): Amid a shortage of Remdesivir in hospitals and medical shops all over the country, the Central government has taken several steps to ensure the availability of the crucial injections which are part of COVID-19 treatment.
Union Chemical and Fertilizer Minister Mansukh Mandaviya told ANI that within two weeks, 3 lakh vials of Remdesivir will be supplied to the open market daily and currently 1.5 lakh vials were being supplied to the market daily from today.
Mandaviya said that the Central government is working continuously to ensure that the production of Remdesivir injection increases as soon as possible and its prices are reduced.
Production of Remdesivir for 1,50,000 vials has started today and in the next 15 days, the production of Remedesivir will be doubled and 3 lakhs vials per day will be available in the market daily.
"At present, 20 plants are producing Remedesivir and 20 more plants have been approved for the production of this injection by the Government of India. The government is constantly trying to produce more and more Remdesivir in the coming days," he added.
"Negotiated with all the producers of Remdesivir companies to reduce the price, and yesterday all the companies have reduced their retail price from more than Rs 5,000 to below Rs 3,500. This will benefit COVID-19 patients," said the Union Minister.
Amid the shortage of the anti-viral drug Remdesivir in the wake of an increase in COVID-19 infections in the country, major pharmaceutical companies have reduced the maximum retail price (MRP) of the drug on the intervention of the Central government.
The announcement comes days after the Union Minister for Chemical and Fertilisers Mansukh Mandaviya held a high-level meeting with all-existing manufacturers of the drug and other stakeholders in order to discuss steps taken to increase production and supply and reduce prices of Remdesivir.
In an office memorandum issued on Saturday, the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers said, "With reference to the ongoing efforts for enhancement of availability and affordability of 'Remdesivir' injection. On the intervention of the government, the major manufacturers/marketers of 'Remdesivir injection' have reported voluntary reduction in maximum retail price (MRP)." (ANI)