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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at the book launch (Photo/ANI)
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at the book launch (Photo/ANI)

Amit Shah works selflessly, doesn't bother about credit: Rajnath Singh

ANI | Updated: Aug 10, 2022 22:10 IST

New Delhi [India], August 10 (ANI): Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday launched a book 'Shabdansh', a compilation of selected speeches of Home Minister Amit Shah.
The book has been written and edited by Shivanand Diwedi and highlights Shah's political timeline and approaches throughout.
Speaking on the occasion, Singh lauded Shah's selfless nature.
"Amit Bhai works in the background and is a great leader. He does big things by staying behind. He has no longing for credit. Despite being in the background, doing great things for the government and the party, he reads so much,' said the Defence Minister.
The book is a compilation of 28 speeches and has Shah's vocal approach on a wide range of issues. The compilation also includes important references related to great men including Chanakya, Ramanuja, and Shankaracharya in Shah's speech.
Threads about Prime Minister Narendra Modi which were cascaded by Amit Shah in his speeches are also included in the book.
The defence minister also stressed that Shah was also troubled by the investigative agencies and even went to jail but the challenges made him stronger.
"Whatever the Home Minister says has some significance. Investigation agencies troubled PM and Amit Shah in the past, Amit Bhai even went to jail but they didn't create a ruckus in the country. I want to say those challenges made Amit Bhai strong," he added.
Outlining the book's special notions Singh noted that the book will serve as a "lighthouse for generations to come."

"He has an intuitive and detailed understanding of Dvaita, Advaita, Vishishtadvaita, and Pushtimarg in his speeches. He told everything about Shankaracharya in a single speech, this book gives you the vision to think. These speeches are not just political rhetoric. There are documents with reference to changing India," he added.
The book includes answers to the country's defence, security, policy-making and governance.
The newly-launched book not only includes Indian scriptures, grammar, and religion, but also philosophy and history by the Sanskrit masters of Gaekwad state.
The book also contains a speech on Veer Savarkar.
"Government gives titles like Padma Vibhushan, Padma Shri but no party or government gave Savarkar 'Veer' title but people gave him this title. Words like Doordarshan, Saansad, Mahapor were given by Veer Savarkar," Singh added.
Singh also featured Shah's gentle nature and the common norm about the political leader.
"People have a perception in politics that they do not read or write, they come and give speeches like this and fool people around. Shah is a person who does politics for 24 hours and has given prominent speeches. He seems to be very strict from the outside but talk to him then you will know his gentle nature," said Singh
Issues ranging from triple talaq, Article 370, and many others form the foreground of the book 'Shabdansh'.
Shivanand Dwivedi the editor of the book has also written a political biography of Amit Shah.
According to Dwivedi, his main motive behind the book was to spread these speeches across the masses and therefore Shah's speeches on CAA, and abrogation of Article 370 have been put in the foreground. (ANI)