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Fishermen onboard a motor boat during competition (Photo/ANI)
Fishermen onboard a motor boat during competition (Photo/ANI)

Andhra fishermen compete in boat race for fishing limits in Konaseema

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2022 04:22 IST

Konaseema (Andhra Pradesh) [India], November 27 (ANI): The banks of the Godavari river in Coastal Andhra's Konaseema district came alive on Saturday as over 100 fishermen competed in a boat-race">boat race to acquire a fishing area.
The competition started at 7:00 am. In Balusutippa, Katrenikona Mandal, and Mummidivaram constituency, fishermen competed with boats on the banks of the Godavari for fishing limits.
According to the boat-race">boat race, whoever reaches the area in boats first, till the Godavari floods, the area is believed to be under his control.
A team of police headed by senior police personnel Srinivas, organized security during the boat-race">boat race for fishing limits to prevent any untoward incident.
In the areas from Palankurru, Edurlanka, Dariyalathippa, and Yanam to Kotipalli, areas with a large number of fish. fishermen competed with boats for the catchment area.

About 100 boats competed in this competition. Whoever reaches the area first will have that area under their control until the Godavari floods. In this way, they competed and established their boundaries.
Earlier, the fishermen used to pay lakhs for the competition and get speedboats on rent and get ready for the competition, but now people of economically weaker sections, who could not afford speedboats by paying high rent, partook in the boat-race">boat race as elders in the village decided that everyone could use any boat. Those who did not have their own boats participated in the competition and onboarded a rented boat to secure a fishing spot.
Fishermen from Balusutippa who migrated to other areas for fishing get flooded by the Godavari, also took part in the boat competition for the fishing limits as they returned to their hometowns post-Diwali. In the competition, around three thousand people earn their livelihood by fishing with anchor nets after acquiring fishing limits.
Malladi Adinarayana, Malladi Edukondalu, Asukapatla Srinubabu, Tirumani Satthibabu, Oleti Satish, Kamadi Gangadri, Tirumani Veerababu, Sanghani Chinni, Pemmadi Ramadu, Sanghani Samudrudu, Barre Rambabu and others participated in this program.
"The boat-race">boat races will be held frequently for the fishermen's lively hood. It helps them a lot in daily life," Katerinakona SI, Srinivas said.
The police department usually monitors the race and the winners are decided on the day of the competition. (ANI)