Liquor bottles seized by police. (Photo/ANI)
Liquor bottles seized by police. (Photo/ANI)

Andhra Pradesh police seizes liquor transported illegally in diesel tank of lorry

ANI | Updated: Aug 26, 2020 06:48 IST

Krishna (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Aug 26 (ANI): Andhra Pradesh police on Tuesday seized a lorry which was illegally transporting liquor here at Mylavaram Pulluru Cross Road of the state. The diesel tank of the lorry was divided into two parts one of which was used for storing liquor bottles.
According to police, seven persons were arrested in two different incidents of transporting liquor illegally and 1052 liquor bottles have been seized. A lorry, a truck and auto, a car and two-wheeler used as pilot vehicles are seized along with the liquor bottles, police said.

Mylavaram police conducted sudden raids and found a lorry in suspicious condition. After a thorough search of the vehicle, the police found that lorry was used to transport liquor illegally in the diesel tank.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) B Srinivasulu said that "Mylavaram Police held sudden raids this early morning. They found a lorry in suspicious condition at Mylavaram Pulluru Cross Road. The police thoroughly checked to find out Telangana liquor being illegally transported to Andhra Pradesh in the diesel tanker of that lorry."
"Liquor transported in the lorry is very secretive. They divided the lorry diesel tanker into two compartments. While one is used for diesel; another part is used for storing liquor bottles. Thus, they are trying to transporting liquor in a very secretive manner. But our policemen were successful in seizing the liquor. We appreciate their efforts and recommend for the reward to the SP," he added.
The police also found another auto and truck indulged in illegal transporting of liquor from Telangana to Andhra Pradesh.
"In another incident, a gang was transporting Telangana liquor in a truck and an auto. In total, 1,052 liquor bottles are seized and 7 persons are arrested. Along with the lorry, truck and auto used for transport. A Maruti car and motorcycle were also used as pilot vehicles have been seized," DSP said.
"We appeal to the youth not to indulge in illegal transport of liquor. Many check posts and mobile parties have been set up at borders. Police will act sternly," he added. (ANI)