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Visual of Army evacuating ailing person (Photo/ANI)
Visual of Army evacuating ailing person (Photo/ANI)

Army's Chinar Corps rescues ailing villagers from snow-covered remote area in J-K

ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2023 17:53 IST

Baramulla (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], January 8 (ANI): The Indian Army's Chinar Corps conducted emergency evacuations of three ailing villagers from Jammu and Kashmir's remote Sumwali village in Boniyar Tehsil and took them to a primary health care centre in Boniyar. The three indisposed persons were an aged woman, a child and an elderly man.
According to an Army press release, on January 7 morning, the Indian Army's detachment at Paro received a distress call from the remote border village of Sumwali, requesting urgent medical assistance for a lady with severe abdominal pain.
Sumwali village does not have direct road connectivity and any movement to Sumwali involves reaching via sleet-covered roads, overlooking steep ravines and walking a considerable distance, along frozen streams and ground frost.

Despite all the odds, the soldiers reached the village and rescued the aged lady, in severe pain.
Soon after, as the soldiers rescued the lady to the nearest hospital in Boniyar, they received a second call from the same village, to evacuate a child with a severe case of dehydration and vomiting.
The soldiers drove back, approximately 20 kilometres, over slippery roads, walked back to Sumwali and evacuated the sick child. When the soldiers asked if there were any more sick patients, in the village who needed assistance, an elderly male with a severe kidney infection requested the Army for help, the press note added.
The soldiers swung into action and rescued the child and the adult male patient, to Boniyar.
The family and locals expressed their gratitude to the Army, Civil Administration and PHC Boniyar for their swift collective action and timely assistance. (ANI)