Arunachal leaders rebuff China's 'transgression' charge

By Pradeep Kumar (ANI) | Updated: Apr 09, 2018 15:41 IST

Itanagar (ArunachalPradesh) [India], April 9 (ANI): Political leaders of Arunachal Pradesh, cutting across party lines, have told ANI today that they vehemently oppose China's charge on the Indian Army that it had transgressed in the strategically sensitive Asaphila area in Upper Subansiri district.

"China's protest during a border personnel meeting (BPM) on March 15 to India Army's patrolling in Asaphila is shocking and surprising," said state Congress president Takam Sanjoy.

When the area falling within Arunachal Pradesh belongs to India and such patrolling is a regular practice, Beijing charge is baseless and unfounded, Sanjoy, a former MP, said.

Taking strong exception to such of repeated allegations by China, ruling state BJP vice president Dominic Tadar wondered at Beijing's attitude towards its friendly neighbour.

Without referring to the Doklam incident that strained Indo-China bilateral relations for some time last year, he said that any country and its leaders have to change with the fast changing times to be a part of the global growth process.

State Civil Supplies Minister Kamlung Mossang, who represents the sensitive Miao assembly constituency of Changlang district along Indo-China border, said that no neighbouring nation has any right to interfere in the internal matters of India.

"What it does and where it does are upto India's lawmakers, planners and executors, but nobody's affair," he said with conviction.

Opposition leader and senior People's Party Leader (PPA) Takam Pario rejected Bejing's charge, saying there was no iota of truth to it, whether political or geographical.

He further said that Beijing should not undermine the democratically-elected governments ruling India and Arunachal Pradesh.

"India is the largest democracy in the world and always toes democratic principles in its every action, Pario said and advised Beijing to rise above its narrow diplomatic attitude.

PPA president Kahfa Bengia charged China with forcefully occupying huge areas of India after it attacked India without any provocation in 1962.

Citing the example of Duya village where indigenous Na and Tagin tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are still living, he said that China should return the Indian portion instead of claiming genuine territory of India as its own. (ANI)