Tomato prices in southern states soar due to rains. (Photo/ANI)
Tomato prices in southern states soar due to rains. (Photo/ANI)

As rains damage crops, tomato prices shoot up in southern states

ANI | Updated: Dec 07, 2021 21:18 IST

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], December 7 (ANI): Tomato prices have skyrocketed in the southern states as incessant rains have damaged the crop and floods have made transportation difficult.
The wholesale price of tomatoes touches 120/ kg in Chala, the biggest wholesale market in Thiruvananthapuram. The main suppliers of vegetables are Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The traders said that due to heavy rain the crops have been damaged.

Speaking to ANI, a customer said, "Retail price ranges between Rs 140-160 while the wholesale price is Rs 120/ kg. The rates have been affected in the wake of heavy rains which has damaged crops."
In Bengaluru, the prices of tomatoes have seen a surge to Rs 70 per kg.

Indresh, a local said, "Recurring rains have affected tomato rates, which have now increased to Rs 70/ kg. The prices of other vegetables such as cauliflower, pointed gourd, coriander, ladyfinger and onion too have witnessed a hike."
In Tamil Nadu, the price of tomatoes in Chennai has soared over Rs 80-90/kg.

Raja, a local, said, "The prices of not only tomatoes but also of other vegetables have increased to over Rs 80-90/ kg due to rains."
Rainfall has triggered a rise in the price of vegetables in various parts of the nation. Farmers are facing a loss and traders say that a big quantity gets damaged during the transportation of tomatoes. (ANI)