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Visual of Assam floods in Nagaon (Photo/ANI)
Visual of Assam floods in Nagaon (Photo/ANI)

Assam floods situation improving but affected people now worry about their future

ANI | Updated: May 24, 2022 15:11 IST

Kampur (Assam) [India], May 24 (ANI): The overall flood situation in Assam has been improving and the water level is receding in many parts of the state, but many villagers still fear the second wave of floods ahead of the upcoming monsoon season.

Many villagers have lost everything in this first spell of floods and their household goods, properties were washed away by floodwaters. They are now worried about their future life.

Phanidhar Bora, a resident of Gossaigaon village under the Kamrup revenue circle in central Assam's Nagaon district said that he lost everything in this devastating flood.

"The floodwaters had fully damaged my granary and washed away about 65 mun paddy grain (about 2600 kilograms of paddy grain). Apart from it, several rooms including the kitchen of my house are also damaged in this flood. The floodwaters entered my house after the embankment was breached. I spent about Rs 65,000 to develop a pond and it also damaged," Phanidhar Bora said.

He has appealed to the Assam Chief Minister to help him and his family to live. "If the government will not help us, then there will be no other option for us. We are now totally helpless," Phanidhar Bora said.

Not only Phanidhar Bora, but many other villagers, and farmers of Gossaigaon village have also faced similar problems after the devastating flood hit them badly.

Dipen Bora, a farmer of Gossaigaon village said that his all household goods were washed away by floodwaters.

"The floodwaters had entered my house on Sunday evening (May 15) and washed away all household goods, damaged several rooms of my house. We are now helpless. I need a house urgently. We are now living in another villager's house these days during nights," Dipen Bora said.

The aftermath of the devastating flood has forced the people of Gossaigaon village to repair their houses who live there along with their families. The villagers also fear the second wave of floods that is likely to take place during the monsoon season.

More than 3.51 lakh people have been affected by the devastating flood alone in Nagaon district and out of them nearly 2.37 lakh people have been affected in the areas under the Kamrup revenue circle. As many as 25 people died in floods and landslides in the state so far and 7 persons died alone in the Nagaon district. (ANI)