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Assam, Mizoram officials to interact once a month to discuss border issues

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2020 21:48 IST

Silchar (Assam) [India], October 21 (ANI): Officials from Assam and Mizoram will interact and coordinate once a month to hammer out border-related issues, as confidence-building measures, a statement from the Assam government said on Wednesday.
The decision was taken at a high-level meeting held by the Home Secretaries of the two states on Wednesday to resolve the recent border flareup and to bring back complete peace and normalcy in the disturbed areas.
The meeting was held at an Army camp close to Lailapur along the inter-state boundary.
"The meeting was held in a very cordial atmosphere with both sides agreeing to restore peace and tranquility along the border areas. As part of confidence-building measures, both sides would have interaction and coordination once in a month at the Deputy Commissioners level, SP level, and DFO level to hammer out any issues," the statement said.

In the meeting, Gyanendra Dev Tripathi, Assam Home Secretary, asked his Mizoram counterpart to withdraw forces from Assam's territory and said the presence of Mizoram policemen caused fear in the minds of truckers and helpers. He also asked her to book the miscreants who burnt down huts and stalls on the Assam side of the border on Saturday night.
In response, Pi Lalbiaksangi, Mizoram Home Secretary, asked Tripathi to first ensure the movement of trucks laden with essential commodities stranded on the Assam side of the border as soon as possible and added that she would place the request to the higher authorities.
"It was also decided in the meeting that both the states would provide security to the people living on both sides of the border. Tripathi assured that the state government and the district administration are persuading the owners and truckers to start the movement of trucks carrying essential goods so that people on the other side of the border do not face hardship," the statement said.
Tripathi added, "We are for people to people contact and are keeping every mode of communication open so that the camaraderie and bonhomie that exist between the people of both neighbouring states prevail," while asking Lalbiaksangi to ensure that there was no encroachment in reserved forest areas.
Mukesh Agarwal, Assam Director General of Police (Special Border Wing) said that drivers of trucks and other vehicles, stranded in southern Assam were unwilling to proceed to Mizoram without adequate security and added that the issue must be resolved immediately for the interest of the people of both states. (ANI)