Parvinder Singh, Additional DCP speaking to ANI on Wednesday
Parvinder Singh, Additional DCP speaking to ANI on Wednesday

At Delhi police 'patshala' for construction workers' children, their parents too get to learn

ANI | Updated: May 21, 2020 00:25 IST

By Aiman Khan
New Delhi [India], May 21 (ANI): Personnel from Delhi Police have begun a police 'pathshala' at a construction site in South Delhi, where children of labourers get to learn the alphabet, various rhymes and songs while being taught how to protect themselves from the deadly COVID-19 virus.
Two constables don the role of teachers for one hour every day at the site in Greater Kailash to ensure the kids do not lose out on their studies during the coronavirus-triggered lockdown, in which schools remain shut.
The police have also provided slate-boards, books and other stationery items to the children. In order to ensure the kids remain interested in classes, the police have also provided them with colouring books.

"We got the idea to start such an initiative when we saw two school-going children along with with the adults at the construction site. There were further three other kids who were yet to start school," Parvinder Singh, Additional DCP, said while speaking to ANI.
"Head constable Tara Chand and Constable Neelam have taken special initiative to teach the children and by motivating their parents that we can help the children by teaching them the basics such as alphabets in English, Hindi, basic counting and the importance of hygiene. Both constables are doing this as a service out of their own choice."
He further said that this program has been beneficial to the parents as well as they were also able to learn basic counting in English.
"The parents, too also know about the English alphabets and they also know how to count in English. It has been well appreciated by the parents," he said.
Earlier in April, Delhi Police officers distributed burgers, sanitisers, and masks to people at RK Puram Sector 9 amid the lockdown. While distributing food to the children, the police persons were also seen taking the temperature of the children and sanitising their hands. (ANI)