Former Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa speaking to ANI.
Former Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa speaking to ANI.

Balakot airstrike marks paradigm shift in our operations, says former Air Chief Dhanoa

ANI | Updated: Feb 26, 2020 09:42 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 26 (ANI): Former Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa has said that bombing of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror camp in Pakistan's Balakot by Indian Air Force (IAF) marks a paradigm shift in the way India conduct operations.
Exactly a year ago India carried out air-strike at a terror camp in Balakot.
"One year has gone past and we look back with satisfaction. We have learned a lot of lessons, lot of things have been implemented post-Balakot operations. Basically, it is a paradigm shift in the way we conduct our operations. The other side never believed that we could carry out a strike inside Pakistan to take out terror training camp which we successfully executed. It is a paradigm shift and the result is there for you to see," said Dhanoa in an interview to ANI.
He pointed out that after air-strike there were no major terrorist attacks during the Lok Sabha polls because it acted as a deterrent.
He said the mission has not been declassified yet.

"All that I want to tell you is when the government told us and all three services were there, and because it is not only the Air Force...It is always a joint battle. It is the first time I believe that all three services said that should there be an escalation as far as Pakistan is concerned, we can easily take them on," he said.
"And go-ahead was given and thereafter everybody knew that the Air Force was going to lead the strike. After the mission was carried out, I personally informed the national leadership as well as the other two service chiefs that mission has been successful early in the morning," said Dhanoa.
The former Air Chief said that considering the target that was there at Balakot, the Air Force was optimum for the strike.
"And also at that time, the thought was that you need to tell JeM that we will kill you, no matter where you are hiding and not to cause collateral damage. The weapons were chosen accordingly," Dhanoa said.
He further underlined that the Pakistan Air Force was not in the loop with its national leadership and ISI about the presence of terror camp in Balakot.
"I don't think they are in the loop with their national leadership and ISI. They were not aware that the terror training camp is running at Balakot. If I was in his place and I have a rough idea of the kind of stand-off weapons that IAF has got, I would have definitely put in terminal weapons out there. The fact that it was devoid of terminal weapons that means I don't think (Pakistan) Air Force was aware that this is the target," he said.
On this day, last year, IAF jets bombed the terror camp in Pakistan's Balakot. (ANI)