Locals of 'Nuniya Mollah' in Banda boycott voting due to water scarcity
Locals of 'Nuniya Mollah' in Banda boycott voting due to water scarcity

Banda: Nuniya Mollah residents boycott polls to protest water shortage

ANI | Updated: May 06, 2019 12:12 IST

Banda (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 6 (ANI): Facing a severe spell of water scarcity, residents of Nuniya Mollah in Banda have taken up cudgels against the local administration for not doing enough to resolve their issues. They have decided to boycott this year's Lok Sabha elections to protest against the apathy of the administration.
"We are facing severe shortage of water. Officers come and go but water never comes. The taps are dry. So we have decided to boycott the elections. No water, no vote," said Subiya, a local woman.
Another resident says, "Nobody wants to cast their vote. Who will vote if you will not give water?"
Locals allege that the water tankers sent by the administration are not enough to meet their demands.
"What has Narendra Modi government done for overcoming water scarcity? We are struggling for each drop of water. If the administration will not help us resolve the water crisis, we will not cast our vote," said a man.
The locals have also put up a banner that reads 'Pani nahi to vote nahi' (No vote if no water).
Officials from the police and local administration are visiting the area to persuade disgruntled residents to exercise their franchise, assuring them that their issues will be resolved at the earliest.
Polling is underway in Banda parliamentary constituency in the fifth phase of elections today. (ANI)