Pictures from the ritual
Pictures from the ritual

Bastar: 'Kaachan Devi' grants permission for 75-day Dussehra

ANI | Updated: Oct 10, 2018 22:43 IST

Bastar (Chhattisgarh) Delhi [India], Oct 10 (ANI): India, a country of diverse cultures and identities, is also a well-known land of festivals. Not only the country has large number of festivals but it also celebrates them in several ways.
One such regional festival is 'Kaachangudi' meaning 'swing of thorns' which is celebrated in Jagdalpur area of Bastar district.
The prime ritual of this festival is providing the throne to 'Kaachan Devi'. On the day of Ashvin Amavasya at Kaachan Devi temple located on Patharaguda road, a young girl takes seat on a swing made of thorns. As a form of Goddess herself, she then blesses her devotees and gives permission to celebrate the festival of Dussehra without any chaos.
The festival marks the beginning of 75-day long Dussehra celebrations as it is only after the Goddess Kaachan Devi grants permission, the celebration starts in Bastar.
As part of this ritual, the head of erstwhile royal family carries out a procession from the family palace to Kaachangudi temple to pay his respects to the Devi. Bastar royal Kamalchandra Bhanjdev completed this ritual with much joy and fervor this year.
Kamal Chandra Bhajdev, member of Bastar royal family says, "There are many types of Dussehra's which are celebrated in the entire India. This is very significant because it lasts for 75 days. We seek blessing of the Goddess for peace and harmony. We also take permission from her for taking out the procession and for organisation of Dussehra."
This ritual also embodies a moral for upliftment of underprivileged and marginalized sections of society as the young girl chosen to become the Goddess comes from the marginalized scheduled caste. She is worshipped by all sections of the society and gives permission for the organisation of Dussehra to the king. The ritual henceforth offers a beautiful example of social harmony and human oneness.
The world famous and the longest festival, Bastar Dussehra starts and ends by worshipping Danteshwari. (ANI)