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Poster released by Bastar Police against Maoists as part of counter-propaganda.
Poster released by Bastar Police against Maoists as part of counter-propaganda.

Bastar Police launches counter propaganda campaign to expose Naxals

ANI | Updated: Sep 16, 2020 00:18 IST

Bastar (Chhattisgarh) [India], September 16 (ANI): Addressing the challenges of left-wing extremism, Bastar Police through a series of posters, short films, audio clips and other popular propaganda methodologies, has started a high-intensity campaign against the anti-tribal and anti-developmental activities of Naxals.
Contents in Gondi, Halbi and other local tribal dialects are the highlight of this campaign.
"The campaign named as "BASTAR THA MATTA" in Gondi and "BASTAR CHO AWAAZ" in Halbi meaning voice of Bastar would reflect the emotions and sentiments of the Bastar people to the outside world," Bastar Police said in a release.

IGP of Bastar Range Sundarraj Pattilingam believes that this counter-propaganda war would not only help the security forces to portray Naxal atrocities but also make local cadres realise how they have been misguided and misused by their senior cadres.
Over these years, the local police force with the help of central paramilitary forces like CRPF, BSF, ITBP and SSB have made many inroads into the erstwhile stronghold areas of CPI Maoists.
Induction of well trained and highly motivated special anti-Naxal task forces like DRG, STF and CoBRA has given the much required operational edge to the security forces.
The popular three-pronged strategy namely "Vishwas, Vikas and Suraksha" being adopted by security forces have yielded positive results in Bastar Region.
Pattilingam mentions that in addition to the ongoing offensive operations against the red guerillas, there is a strong need to expose the real and ugly face of the Naxals. (ANI)