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A visual of a Ganesha idol made of coconut
A visual of a Ganesha idol made of coconut

Bengaluru: 9 thousand coconut used in making of 30 feet eco-friendly Ganesha idol

ANI | Updated: Sep 01, 2019 17:02 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] Sept 1 (ANI): With Ganesh Chaturthi just around the corner, people are showcasing a variety of beautifully crafted idols of the Elephant God Ganesha.
An awe-inspiring 30 feet high idol fashioned out of a total of 9,000 coconuts has been installed near the Puttengally Ganesha Temple in Bengaluru here this year.
The eco-friendly idol has been put together by over 70 devotees who have been working on the project for the past 20 days.
Apart from coconuts, more than 20 types of vegetable have also been used for decorating the temple.
Mohan Raju a devotee says it is an annual practice in the temple to install a Ganpati idol, which is eco-friendly using items that can be utilised again.
Last year the idol was fashioned out of sugarcane.
"Along with Ganesha idol, one ton of halva will be prepared by chefs who are called specially for this purpose. Ganesh idol will be removed after 5 days and all coconuts and vegetables will be distributed along with halva to devotees" says Raju.
Ganesh Chaturthi, which begins on September 2, is a 10-day festival which commences on the fourth day of Bhadrapada month in the Hindu lunar calendar. (ANI)