Ananya Monkur, a resident of Bengaluru, speaking to ANI (Photo/ANI)
Ananya Monkur, a resident of Bengaluru, speaking to ANI (Photo/ANI)

Bengaluru residents request government to keep parks open

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2021 18:46 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], April 22 (ANI): Amid the rising COVID-19 cases in Karnataka, residents of the state have requested the government to keep parks open to the public.
Bengaluru's Cubbon park and Lalbagh witnessed less footfall due to surge in COVID-19 cases. There used to be a large number of people in these parks on holidays and even on other days, but after the second Covid wave hit, very few people visit these parks.
Speaking to ANI, political science student Ananya Monkur said, "The park is relatively less crowded than it used to be before these restrictions were imposed. However, we haven't stopped coming to the park because it keeps us emotionally healthy to be in the open for even an hour a day and to be amid nature."

Talking about COVID protocols, she said, "These spaces are so open that you can maintain social distancing from people and be safe. It is an emotional relief from being cooped up at home all day, all the time."
"For mental well-being, any form of activity is essential in these times," she added.
According to Jhanvi Monkur, a 12th-grade student, "It is a contradictory situation because there is a virus going around and you need to minimise interaction with people, but I don't think shutting down the park is a necessity."
"It helps physiologically to have nature around you," she added.
Karnataka has reported 17,030 fresh cases on COVID-19 and 116 related deaths. (ANI)