former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy (File Photo/ANI)
former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy (File Photo/ANI)

Bengaluru violence: Ex-CM Kumaraswamy has questions for both BJP, Congress

ANI | Updated: Aug 21, 2020 23:11 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 21 (ANI): In an open letter to the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over Bengaluru violence, former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy stated that any responsible government and the party in power should have learnt lessons from the incident and initiated preventive steps to avoid recurrence of similar events.
"DG Halli riots are a law and order issue. The incident should have been investigated and the guilty should have been punished. Any responsible government and the party in power should have learnt lessons from the incident and initiated preventive steps to avoid recurrence of similar events," Kumaraswamy wrote in the letter.
Instead, both national political parties are using it to indulge in mudslinging. This way, the ruling BJP and the Opposition Congress stand exposed by losing both leadership and the confidence of the people. Shouldn't both parties which look out for political polarisation from every incident answer some of my questions? he added.
Kumaraswamy posed these questions to the Congress about protecting the minorities.
"Congress projected itself as a saviour of the minorities during the DJ Halli and Padarayanapura riots. Why is that the Congress, which raises voice against the crimes of other communities, did not come to the rescue of the minorities during the difficult phase of protests against the CAA? Where was your concern when minority youth were gunned down during police firing in Mangaluru? Do you come to protect them only when there is a crime?" he added.
The Congress has given a suggestion to the government to recover the loss of property from the rioters. At the same time it says properties of other side also should be attached. Would the Congress be bold enough to clarify who is that other side? said Kumaraswamy.
"Whenever there is a discussion on banning SDPI, Congress becomes over-reactive and challenges those in power to ban it. What is the benefit that you are going to get by banning or not banning it? Could you explain?" said Kumaraswamy.

"Congress alleges that there is a political conspiracy behind the riots. Is this conspiracy from within the party or outside? or ticket aspirants? Do the Congress have the courage to make public these secrets? Do at times, leaders who came from other parties become unpalatable for the Congress?" he added.
Kumaraswamy then posed these questions to the BJP.
"DJ Halli incident is the biggest law and order failure on the part of the government, home department and the intelligence. The BJP government which should have owned the responsibility has become irresponsible. Is any action initiated against any home department official in connection with this incident? Instead, the BJP has gone one step ahead and conspiring for a political polarisation. BJP, aren't you shameless?" said Kumaraswamy.
"A loud-mouthed minister and other BJP MLAs blabber that Congress orchestrated the DJ Halli riots. Why is that they not submitting the evidence they have against the Congress to the investigating officers? Anyway, it is a BJP government. Why can't they initiate action against Congress by conducting an investigation? If there is no evidence, is BJP's talk also aimed at political polarisation?" he added.
Initially the BJP created an impression that outsiders have been brought to engineer riots. If so, how many other State goons have been arrested? How did these goons travel in groups when there are COVID 19 check posts along the State borders? If they had come, whose failure is it? the formed CM asked.
The government has become so weak that it couldn't even ensure the safety of the MLA who won with a huge majority. How can this powerless government protect the interests of the ordinary people? If they cannot, what is the point of such government in power? Or did the BJP want such riots during the BBMP elections? he added.
"Always waiting for an opportunity to get political mileage by using communally sensitive issues does the BJP understand the meaning of political morality?" said Kumaraswamy.
Coming to power is the main aim of all political parties. But there has to be social responsibility, leadership and honesty. The behaviour of the BJP and Congress on an issue related to communal harmony reflects that they have none of it. Leave petty politics, at least now, he said. (ANI)