Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana most `profound decision` of my life: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

ANI | Updated: Oct 16, 2017 19:47 IST

Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) [India], October 16 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday inaugurated the ambitious 'Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojna' in the presence of the farmers at the Krishi Upaj Mandi in Khurai, Sagar.

The Chief Minister said that the Yojana is one of the most profound decisions of his life and thus its launch makes this day a historic one for him.

He added that it is a matter of great happiness for him that the Yojana is being launched in his state for the welfare of farmers.

Chouhan added that Madhya Pradesh is the first state to lend money to farmers at zero percent interest.

"A farmer will take Rs. one lakh loan now and return only ninety thousand," he said.

In addition, Chouhan said that his government has approved a web of irrigation projects across the Sagar District which will cover 96-hectare fields.

The Chief Minister also said that farmers deserve suitable prices for their crops instead of loan waiver and therefore, the state government has brought a new formula which will make it possible for them to obtain the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their crops.

Chouhan added that preparation has been made for the purchase of crops at the MSP.

He elaborated that an average will be drawn from the market prices of three different states and then the difference between 'Model Price' of crops and its 'MSP' will be deposited in the bank accounts of farmers.

To get benefits of the scheme, the farmers are required to sell their crops in the mandi and obtain a receipt for the same.

"The MP Government will provide you interest even if you store your grains in the godowns," Chouhan said while adding that droughts have been declared in the places that were deprived of rain.

He added that the government will provide subsidy and loan ranging from Rs 10 lakhs to two crores to the farmers willing to invest in industries.

Besides, the Chief Minister assured proper action against corrupt administrative and police officers, who will attempt to take benefit from the farmers.

"We will not let dishonest officers continue their job. 2 IAS, 2 IFS and 1000 police personnel have already been fired from their work for indulging in corruption. No corrupt officer will be spared in cases related to farmers," Chouhan insisted. (ANI)