Saroj Rath at his residence. Photo/ANI
Saroj Rath at his residence. Photo/ANI

Bhubaneswar: Bird lover converts his house into an aviary

ANI | Updated: Oct 13, 2019 19:33 IST

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], Oct 13 (ANI): A hardcore bird lover in the city has converted his entire house into an aviary for foreign birds.
Saroj Rath, who is an artist by profession, has designed his house for parrots, macaw of various breeds and other costly Australian birds.
"I have been keeping these birds for the last 40 years in my house. We have a different variety of birds. We also cross-breed them, which gives birth to the third breed. I have kept these birds at height and provide a suitable environment to the birds," Rath told ANI.
The cage for these birds is designed inside the house with a background of the tree which is suitable for the birds. The birds also come out of the cage and sit on the head or shoulder of the family members.
"We all are very happy because of these birds. We all feed them and take proper care of these birds. Our house looks like a natural habitat for birds. People come to visit to see the different variety of birds," said Rath's wife.
Due to the space crunch, Rath gave two macaw birds to another bird lover of Kolkota for which he was paid Rs 4 lakh.
Every bird has been named as a family member and they respond when Saroj Rath calls them by their names. All birds are very friendly with him. The house is also open for the visitors. (ANI)