Expedien CEO Jiten Agarwal
Expedien CEO Jiten Agarwal

Biden would continue strategic relationship with India: Entrepreneur Jiten Agarwal

ANI | Updated: Nov 08, 2020 13:16 IST

Houston [US], November 8 (ANI): IIT alumnus and Chief Executive Officer of Expedien, a business and data analytics firm with offices in the US and India, Jiten Agarwal said that the election of Joe Biden as the new President of the US will not affect the strategic relationship between Indian and the US but on Kashmir and India's internal issues, the ensuing Biden administration might face criticism.
"Joe Biden is going to be the 46th President of United States of America. In the Indian context, it must be said that Biden reached out to the Indian-American community during his election campaign. He laid stress on the strategic relationship between India and the US. He further said that the relationship will be strengthened in terms of defence, energy, cooperation on the global climate crisis, global health crisis and immigration policy," Agarwal said in a video link.
"On Kashmir and India's internal policies, including the new citizenship law, the Biden administration might face criticism. If their foreign policy is dictated by Liberal Democrats then there might be increased criticism," he added.
Speaking on Kamala Harris who is going to be the Vice President of the US and has been a Senator since 2017, Agarwal said that she has positioned herself as a champion of human rights.
The Kashmiri activists in the US might solicit help from the US administration, he added.

He further added that the relationship between India and the US are on an upswing on the strategic terms and there is no public criticism of India either by Democrats or Republicans.
"In spite of all this, these issues might not play up as the strategic relationship between India and the US are on an upswing. There is no public criticism of India either by the Democrats or Republicans. India has cooperation with the US in the energy and defence sectors," he said.
Talking on China, Agarwal said that China is a geopolitical challenge for both India and the US. We all know that Donald Trump has been very tough with China but if Joe Biden is not as tough and aligns with Russia then it will be a problem for India, he said.
The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump in a closely contested election.
In this, his third attempt at the White House, Biden, a four-decade Washington figure as a Senator and then a vice president, received more than 74 million votes, 4 million more than Trump, and more than any other presidential candidate. (ANI)