JDU MLA Amarnath Gami (Photo/ANI)
JDU MLA Amarnath Gami (Photo/ANI)

Bihar: 'Pan masala' banned in state due to failed illegal money transaction deals, claims JDU MLA

ANI | Updated: Sep 03, 2019 20:57 IST

Darbhanga (Bihar) [India], Sept 3 (ANI): Launching an attack on his own party, Janata Dal (United) MLA Amarnath Gami on Tuesday condemned the prohibition on 'Pan Masala' in the state, saying that failed illegal transaction deals are the prime reason behind imposing the ban.
"If plastic, tobacco, and liquor are banned, it would be prohibited in Bihar. The government should not ruin Bihar just to gain fame. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should reconsider this ban," said Gami.
"Nitish Kumar is a great leader but the opposition will now have an excuse to lambast him for the ban of pan masala. The government should create employment for the people associated with it before the ban," he said.
"If the government cannot provide with jobs, then they have no right to snatch the livelihood of the people associated with the sale of pan masala," he added.
Gami further lambasted Kumar and said that the government has imposed this ban due to the failure of big illegal transaction deals.
In August, the Bihar government imposed a ban on 'Pan Masala' containing magnesium carbonate in the state.
As many as 20 samples of different 'Pan Masala' brands were collected. It was found that all of these contained magnesium carbonate.
Commissioner of Food Safety Sanjay Kumar told ANI, "Restrictions were already there on 'pan masala' in the state. On receiving the information, we conducted an investigation and found most of the 'pan masala' products in the market contains magnesium carbonate."
"Manufacture, storage, distribution, transportation or sale of Pan Masala containing magnesium carbonate is completely banned in the state," he had added. (ANI)