"Salisi Sabha" being organised at Dharmapur village to demand return of 'cut money' taken by TMC leaders (Photo/ANI)
"Salisi Sabha" being organised at Dharmapur village to demand return of 'cut money' taken by TMC leaders (Photo/ANI)

BJP asks TMC leaders to return "cut" money in meeting in WB's Dharmapur

ANI | Updated: Jul 08, 2019 21:12 IST

West Midnapore (West Bengal) [India], July 08 (ANI): Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and villagers of Dharmapur on Sunday jointly organized a meeting to appeal to Trinamool Congress leaders to return back the "cut" money allegedly taken by them in the name of various government schemes.
BJP booth president of Dharmapur village Tripti Ghosh said, "After today's 'Salisi Sabha', we found out that total cut money of Rs 1,14,600 was taken by TMC leaders and they have to repay it directly to the villagers. Our party will not be involved but BJP always will be beside those villagers."
A villager at the meeting, Sukumar Chakri alleged that he was beaten, tortured and looted by TMC leaders.
According to him, TMC leaders allegedly took his cycle, television set and cash of Rs 45000.
"Later, in a Kangaroo court, they demanded Rs 10,000 from me else I would be beaten again by them. I complained about it to a senior TMC leader but to no avail," Chakri said.
Villagers also accused the government of not constructing toilets under Swachch Bharat Mission in their homes which is causing them grave inconvenience.
TMC leaders were also accused of taking away the money that people earned from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) and some others complained that they did not receive any money for their labour under the scheme.
TMC leaders were also accused of threatening and taking money which arrived in villagers' accounts for their work under NREGS as 'cut money'.
Sunil Chakri, TMC leader, responded to the accusation, he said, "The NREGS work was not completed and that is why some funds didn't get transferred into accounts. But I did not take any cut money. I only came here to hear the complaints of villagers. We will try to compensate them partially."
On the other hand, villagers complained that they had to pay cut-money amounting to Rs 500 to 600 for gas connections.
Also, the villagers complained that those who even received the connections did not receive the gas book. Majority in the village, however, according to the villagers, is still without a gas connection.
TMC leader Tanay Pratihar said, "We are forming a committee to examine the problems faced by the villagers. We will start the repayment of money based on the committee's recommendations."
The cut-money issue has become a raging issue in the state in the last few days after the chief minister reportedly issued a diktat asking the party leaders to return the "cut" money they had taken from people.
Cut money amounts to a percentage of money that is illegally charged by elected leaders to the grassroots functionaries at the panchayat and local bodies level from ordinary citizens in return for delivery of service. (ANI)