BJP, Congress Corporators give money to people in Vadodara

ANI | Updated: Oct 30, 2017 18:36 IST

Vadodara, Gujarat [India], October 30 (ANI): With the Gujarat Assembly elections knocking on the door, the Congress and the BJP corporators distributing money as part of ''family tradition'' have aroused doubts on the legitimacy of the issue.

Congress Corporator Chirag Zaveri and BJP Corporator Kalpesh Patel were seen giving money to people in Vadodara as part of their ''family tradition''.

When the Corporators were questioned on Sunday, they said that it had been a three-decade old tradition of honoring the people who would take a spiritual journey from the village to Ramdev Pir temple in Ranuja.

BJP Corporator Kalpesh Patel said, "Today, people will walk barefoot from our village to Ramdev Pir temple in Ranuja, Rajasthan. My father, Kanchan Bhagat used to honor them, so now I continue the family tradition".

Apart from receiving a 50-rupee note and a coconut, the people were also garlanded by the leaders in the function.

Congress Corporator Chirag Zaveri said, "We gather the people and apply tilak on them, garland them and give them a coconut and a 50-rupee note which is then gifted to the Gods at the idol's feet. This ensures prosperity for the people and development of Vadodara".

The two-phase polls in the state is scheduled on November 9 and 14. (ANI)