Bihar BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal (File photo)
Bihar BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal (File photo)

BJP MPs give breach of privilege notice against Rahul Gandhi in LS, seek action over 'serious contempt' of House

ANI | Updated: Feb 12, 2021 22:43 IST

By Amit Kumar
New Delhi [India], February 12 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party leaders on Friday gave a breach of privilege notice in Lok Sabha against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his leading his party members to brief silence in the House without permission of the Chair "in utter disregard of rules".
Jaiswal and BJP MPs Rakesh Singh and PP Chaudhary said Gandhi had committed "serious contempt" and "serious breach of privilege" and demanded action against him.
Raising the matter, Jaiswal said Gandhi had asked his party MPs to stand in silence while speaking on new farm laws and farmers' protest and this was "insult to the dignity of the House". He said action should also be taken against all those who stood up on Gandhi's directions.
Rakesh Singh said that Gandhi has hurt the dignity of the House and said if Gandhi wanted members to stand in silence, he should have taken permission of the Chair.
Singh said Gandhi was a four-time MP but was still not familiar with rules . His action is "unconstitutional" and "breach of privilege".
"We won't tolerate disrespect to parliament. If a newcomer doesn't understand rules we would understand but he has been elected more than once. The House is not Congress office," he said.
Referring to Gandhi's remarks on the farm laws, Singh said he had not spoken the truth and alleged that the Congress leader "does not let go of an opportunity to show the country in poor light".
He sought stern action so that a strong message is sent.
Chaudhary said Gandhi had committed "gross misconduct" and sought to "undermine the authority of parliament".
The sources said Jaiswal has written a letter to Speaker Om Birla, saying Gandhi's conduct was "contempt of House which is a serious offence" and punishable under the rules.
They said Jaiswal in his written complaint to the Speaker said Gandhi, who was participating in the discussion on union budget, digressed from the subject and sought to cast aspersions on the "integrity of Prime Minister without any evidence".
The BJP member also complained that Gandhi's "rhetoric reached such a point that he forgot that he was speaking in Lok Sabha" and added that the discussions are regulated strictly in terms of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business, Directions issued by the Speaker and relevant provisions of the Constitution of India.
Sources said Jaiswal noted that Rahul Gandhi had "once again exhibited his reckless behaviour and the childish act of spreading rumours" concerning the protest against the three new farm laws.
Jaiswal complained that "in the midst of his provocative speech", Rahul Gandhi instructed his party members, sitting in the chamber to stand up in silence to mourn the demise of some of the farmers.
The BJP leader said this resulted in a very awkward situation in the Lok Sabha Chamber in view of the fact that such types of collective mourning are invariably performed under the directions, advice and guidance of the Speaker.
Speaker Om Birla had on Thursday expressed his disapproval Gandhi's move of leading Congress members to stand in silence briefly over deaths of farmers during the agitation against farm laws and said the Chair should be consulted on any such proposal.
Birla had said the members had given him the responsibility to run the House and they should not arbitrarily take a decision about proceedings.
"This kind of behaviour in the House is not right. It is not dignified," he had said.
He had also said that if members have a proposal, they should give it in writing on which consultations can be held.
Gandhi, who slammed the farm laws, said at the end of his speech that he will not comment on the Union Budget.
He said "200 farmers" had died during the protest and alleged that the "government has not paid tributes to them".
He then led members of Congress and some other parties to observe brief silence. (ANI)