Congress leader PC Chacko speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Saturday. Photo/ANI
Congress leader PC Chacko speaking to ANI in New Delhi on Saturday. Photo/ANI

Both Centre, Delhi govt equally responsible for situation of pollution in Delhi: Cong leader Chacko

ANI | Updated: Nov 02, 2019 17:06 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 2 (ANI): Congress leader PC Chacko on Saturday slammed both the Centre and Delhi governments here saying that both were equally responsible for the situation of pollution in Delhi.
Speaking to ANI, Chacko said, "It is a shameful thing that Delhi is the worst polluted capital in the world as reported by international media. The question is who is responsible for this. What are the reasons and what the state and the Central government is doing to solve this problem or reduce it? We find that both Centre and state has not done enough. Both governments are responsible."
"We have recently read that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was going to Copenhagen to attend a climate summit. It is so strange and it is good that he did not go there as he would have presented a sorry figure. In Delhi, the pollution is such that it is inhospitable, and what the government is doing is taking measures like Odd-Even and half of the vehicle being taken away. Unfortunately, both the Centre and the state are not doing anything to reduce the problem or solve it," Chacko said.
"Both the governments are responsible and we are going to highlight the issue because we do not want to politicise this issue but we also know that Delhi has become inhospitable and people are suffering. The DPCC is going to have a big demonstration outside Kejriwal's residence on Sunday," he said.
He also said that Congress had ruled this state for a long time but "Kejriwal does not want to consult Congress, nor any expert or scientist. The Central government is washing its hands and blaming the Kejriwal government on this issue. This is very unfortunate."
On being asked about BJP MP Gautam Gambhir's criticism of Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal over the issue of pollution, he said, "Why there is a blame game, why can't the Central and state government sit together and discuss how it can be tackled"
"Both are elected by the people and they putting them in such a situation. Both governments are responsible for this squarely," he added. (ANI)