Relative of family that committed suicide in Delhi's Burari
Relative of family that committed suicide in Delhi's Burari

Burari death: Relative dismisses 'occult' angle, allege murder

ANI | Updated: Jul 02, 2018 19:32 IST

Burari (New Delhi) [India], July 1 (ANI): A Relative of the family that allegedly committed suicide in Delhi's Burari rubbished the rumours that 'the family committed mass suicide in order to achieve salvation.'
Sujata while addressing the media said, "Someone killed them and all the reports on the spiritual angle are bogus. This family was a happy and peace-loving one who never believed in 'babas."
Earlier in the day, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police said it is investigating the Burari multiple-death case from various angles.
Police is also investigating the case from the angle of the family's indulgence in spiritual or mystical practices.
Some handwritten notes were also found at the house. The notes mentioned ways of attaining salvation. It is here to note that the bodies were found in the same way mentioned in the notes.
"It's also being investigated whose handwriting was there in dairy (notes pointing towards observance of spiritual/mystical practices). Why it was written and from where the information came is also being probed," the sources said.
The postmortem of six of the eleven bodies has been completed. Police sources have mentioned 'ligature hanging' as the reason of death and that there were no signs of struggle found. The family has donated their eyes.
The 11 bodies were recovered from a house in the Burari area of New Delhi on Sunday morning. The bodies include seven women and four men whose mouths, eyes and hands of few were tied up and taped. (ANI)